Raw materials

We have assortment of pre-painted coils in different thicknesses, coatings and colors for Your taste! Why do our clients trust us for over 10 years? Because YUKSEKLIK LTD uses in its production pre-painted steel coils from reliable suppliers from South Korea and Finland. Pre-painted steel coils vary in:
- Steel grade
- The thickness of the steel
- The thickness of the zinc coating
- The thickness of the paint layer
- Type of paint layer

Due to the fact that that our metal zinc coating thickness is 2 times more than paint thickness and also 2 times more than most on the market , our metal roofing tile does not rust !

The classical scheme of pre-painted steel sheet :

Paint polymer coating ( the layer) can be of several types :
- Polyester ( shiny glossy surface )
- NeoMatt ( matte finish )
- SunMatt ( matt surface with visible texture - mesh )
- Printech ( coated with a surface pattern )
- Pural ( cover for drain elements)
Particular attention should be paid to the stability of the polymer coating of paint to the climate impacts of the environment:
- UV-resistance / resistance to UV radiation
- Salt Spray resistance / salt spray

Due to the fact that that our metal UV resistance and salt spray resistance is higher than most on the market , our metal does not whiten during the warranty period